KRYPTOS works via the local folder managed by the synchronization client of your cloud storage provider. Therefore, it is cloud-agnostic and seamlessly integrates with any cloud provider.

WHY you need data encryption?

With cloud storage services becoming a standard for business, data security is an increasing concern for enterprises. It's clear that cloud storages either public or private aren't exactly as secure as they were made out to be. By encrypting your data, you can add a layer of protection before they synchronize to the cloud.

But who will hold the keys? No matter what security measure you have, you can't be sure where your data will end up when someone else handles the keys.

KRYPTOS decouples the data, that is stored either on Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. or on your private cloud, and the encryption keys required to access it.

Transparent End-To-End Encryption

Per-file keys are encrypted using your personal key that is stored securely in a PKCS11 Hardware Token. This double encryption scheme utilizing AES and RSA provides the highest level of security for your files.


Outlook users can send and receive secure emails using KRYPTOS without any knowledge of information security or encryption. KRYPTOS does not change the day-to-day user experience of Outlook. It just adds an "Encrypt" option to the Outlook ribbon and everything else is handled in the background by KRYPTOS.


You can allow a colleague to access your protected files/folders securely, send/receive secure emails and you can even create groups to manage file sharing in larger environments.


Many more features for enterprises; corporate backups using a Golden Token, central user management, policy customizations, auditing, on-premise installations for critical or regulated environments.



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